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Architect: Antoni de Moragas Gallissà and Francesco de Riba Salas
Year: 1950 to 1953; renovated in 1990 by Antoni de Moragas Spa and Irene Sánchez
Address: c/ Marquès de l'Àrgentera, 11
Metro: L4, Station Barceloneta / Bus: Lines 14, 39, 40, 51
T/F:93 319 60 00 / 93 319 45 19
Opening times: Open every day
Features: 91 rooms, bar, reservation required Restaurant ABAC

The Hotel Park should actually be located somewhere along Italy's Adriatic coast. But it isn't - instead, it is superbly positioned for a stay in Barcelona. This well laid-out structure in Italian Organismo style with its 91 rooms breaks the contemporary mould with its facade, that is supported on both sides by round pillars. It could be described as Barcelona's modern postwar architecture. In 1990 the hotel was elaborately restored under the supervision of Antoni de Moragas Spa, Moragas Gallissà's son, and Irene Sánchez. They even went to the trouble of placing replicas of the architect's furniture in the hotel. The staircase inside and the bar are brilliantly designed, and were restored in 1999 together with the entrance area. The ABAC restaurant was opened in the rear section of the building, and has a separate entrance of its own. The restaurant is run independently from the hotel.


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