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polynesian and hawaiian bars

Architect: Antonio Romero and Jaime Pomares
Year: 1976
Address: c/ Provenza, 159
Metro: L5, Station Hospital / Bus: Line 31
T:93 451 79 62
Opening times: 6pm - 3am; Friday and Saturday 6pm - 4am

In the Aloha, guests are served by three professional barmen: Juan, Julio and Miquel. They used to work in the Kahala before jointly taking over the Aloha. The centre of the establishment is taken up by a bar decorated with lots of bamboo. To the right of it is a display case with Tiki glasses and other souvenirs that can be purchased. If you go deeper into the room there are inviting niches all around, ideal for an intimate rendezvous. The entrance area contains a billiard table; canaries and parrots live in a glass-fronted cage on the pavement side of the building; and there is an aquarium beside the bar. None of it replaces the monkey that used to be kept here to entertain the guests, however. The tropical, Hollywood-style facade seems to have been taken directly from the 1961 Elvis Presley movie Blue Hawaii.


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